Semi Matte Lipstick

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A modern semi-matte lipstick that provides full-bodied, velvety color in a highly pigmented and non-drying formula.

  • "Best Overall Lipstick” 2011 InStyle "Best Beauty Buys”
  • Long-wearing, full-coverage finish
  • Rich, vivid shade range from neutrals to high-fashion hues
  • Patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants hydrate, nourish and protect lips
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I have a real love affair with lipstick. It has such strong impact on the face. You feel immediately elegant and chic and it gives the face a lot of strength. It gives you more power.

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An easy way to apply a Semi-Matte Lipstick is to apply it from the center of the lips and move outwards, then fill in the edges with lipliner moving from the corners to the center of the lips. Both lipstick and lipliner will glide on easily for a smooth, matte finish. –Jenny Smith, National Makeup Stylist

When you really want to give your lips focus, go with a Semi-Matte Lipstick or a Pure Matte Lipstick. Wear alone or with a tiny bit of gloss in the center of the pout to enhance the color. –Magda Ogbe, National Makeup Stylist

Semi-Matte Lipsticks are great for creating a stained effect: Just put some lipstick on your finger and press it onto your lips. If you're looking to make teeth appear whiter, use a lip color with blue undertones. –Shayna Shapiro, Lead Trainer

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Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick
Heat Wave
Bright orange-red
Bright red from the 1950's silver screen
Warm rose brown
Pure blood red with no blue or orange
Wonderfully fun fuchsia
Bright orange-red
Fiery molten copper
Warm cinnamon with a trace of pink
Neutral pink chocolate
Full-powered red
Perfect jewel toned blue-red
Shocking matte pink
Beautiful ruby rose
Very deep, pink rose