Master classes

What is "NARS Masterclass”?
A "NARS Masterclass” is led by one of our elite NARS Stylist team who are part of the team that work at NY and London Fashion week.

How does NARS Masterclass work?
The Masterclass is designed around a small group of women attending. The Lead Stylist will lead a demonstration on how to do their everyday make-up and then how to update it in the evening. The demonstration will be divided in 3 sections, Complexion, Eyes and Lips and Cheeks - Customers will learn everything from picking your perfect base, how to shape their brows using makeup, apply eyeshadow, find the perfect blush, and finally their classic lipstick. Women will leave the event confident they can achieve great results by themselves at home.

In front of each customer will be a "NARS laptop” containing a large mirror and a selection of eyeshadows, bronzers and blushers. The lead artist will have a model to demonstrate on, going through a step by step application on how to achieve an easy look they will feel confident they can reproduce at home.

After each section has been demonstrated and explained by the lead artist, supporting artists will be helping his or her designated ladies in reproducing what has been showed, the ladies will be doing the make-up by themselves so they can see and feel how it is done and gain more confidence. As the Masterclass takes place, ladies will be able to ask questions and learn from each other.
- They will be applying 90% of their makeup.
- NARS Stylist will guide, and correct them through the process.
- Customers will be taught the basics of makeup.
- It’s all about giving them confidence so that they can look great every day.
- It’s a fun event where they are free to ask any questions.
- Cost: £35 – redeemable against product.

How can you be informed about the next NARS Masterclass?
Visit Your Local NARS section on the NARS Cosmetics Facebook Page and you will have information on the next upcoming events.